Six Flags Unveils Plan for Thrilling Arlington Ride

Six Flags Unveils Plan for Thrilling Arlington Ride

Six Flags, one of the oldest theme park chains in the U.S., plans renovations and new additions, including a log flume ride at its Arlington location called El Rio Lento, according to a Dallas Observer article which says, 


“Six Flags is one of the country’s oldest theme parks, and that may be why its parent company has announced plans for some new additions and updates to seven of its locations.


The Six Flags chain announced that the Arlington location will be part of its renovation plans and will get a new log flume ride by the end of next year, according to a press statement.


The company promises its new El Rio Lento log ride will have one giant lift hill and two shirt-drenching drops including “a giant, steep nosedive.” The new Six Flags Over Texas ride will also be “one of the world’s longest log flumes,” the statement says.”


Selim Bassoul, Six Flags’ President, emphasizes the company’s commitment to innovation, enhancing guest experiences, and expanding its range of attractions, according to a WFAA article reporting,  


““At Six Flags, our relentless drive for innovation is powered by our passion to create moments of pure joy and excitement for our guests,” said Selim Bassoul, President and CEO of Six Flags. “This investment is central to our strategy to create fun and memorable experiences for every member of the family and reinforces Six Flags’ position as the leader in thrills. This builds on our recent efforts to offer new events and dining experiences by also introducing new rides for thrill-seekers and families, all while making improvements to many existing popular rides.””


El Aserradero, the pioneering log flume since 1963, joins the park’s aquatic rides: Roaring Rapids, a fixture since 1983, and the revamped Pirates of Speelunker Cave, inspired by a beloved 1964 classic.