SK Signet Plans to Open Manufacturing Facility in Plano

SK Signet Plans to Open Manufacturing Facility in Plano

South Korean company SK Signet has announced its plans to open a manufacturing plant for electric vehicle fast chargers according to a Stamping Journal article which reports, 


“SK Signet, a manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems, has announced plans to open its first U.S. manufacturing facility for EV fast chargers in Plano, Texas, creating up to 183 jobs by 2026. 


The plant will provide a variety of fast-charging systems, including chargers and cabinets that offer more than 350 kW of power. The 136,200-sq.-ft. facility is expected to be operating at full capacity by July 2023, producing more than 10,000 fast chargers per year.”


The facility to open will be the company’s first in the United States. Plano was chosen due to the skilled workforce present there according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,


“This will be SK Signet’s first U.S. manufacturing facility, which will be supported by its existing U.S. office in McLean, Va. The company had been looking for the right U.S. city since January before landing on Plano, said Seung-June Oh, president of SK Signet America. The city is providing a $975,000 incentive to SK. 


“The biggest reason we chose Plano was the access to the skilled workforce,” Oh said. “But also Texas is a major potential market for EV growth.” 


The company hopes its fast chargers, which can give an EV enough charge to go 100 miles after 5 minutes, will attract more people to switch from traditional gas-powered cars, he said.”


SK Signet’s facility in Plano will align with the goals of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The company will work with charge point operators to supply them with chargers.