Texas Plans to Increase EV Charging Stations across the State

Texas Plans to Increase EV Charging Stations across the State

Texas is among 17 states to have their infrastructure plan approved according to a NewsWest9 article. They say, 


“Texas was one of the final 17 states to have its plan approved for President Biden’s $1.5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Funding Plan. The goal is to have 500,000 charging stations across America, and it’s a five-year window that will provide over $4 billion to construction projects.


Overall, the state is estimated to be granted north of $400 million over the next five fiscal years, which is more than any other state. The five-year plan is broken down into three parts, according to the Texas Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan.”


Texas will receive fundings worth $407.8 million to build charging stations for electric vehicles according to a Facilities Net article which says, 


“According to a TV report, Texas will receive $407.8 million to install electric charging stations no more than 50 miles apart on interstates through 2026. KXXV television reported that 80 percent of the money comes from federal funding and 20 percent from business partners in the state. 


Placement of the charging locations has not been settled yet, but the Texas Department of Transportation is taking suggestions from the public about potential locations.”


States that receive the funding via the infrastructure program are required to report on how the funds will be spent.