Texas Zoo Celebrates Birth of First Male Lion Cub

Texas Zoo Celebrates Birth of First Male Lion Cub

The Fort Worth Zoo in Texas proudly welcomed Moja, the first male lion cub born since 2015. Born to Saba and Jabulani on Oct. 20, 2023, Moja holds special significance as Saba’s first cub, according to a Fox Carolina article. In it they say, 


“The Fort Worth Zoo in Texas on Thursday announced the first birth of a male lion cub at the zoo since 2015.


Moja was born on Oct. 20, 2023, to first-time mother Saba and father Jabulani.


Moja’s name is Swahili for the number one, marking his place as Saba’s first cub”


Four days old and 2.7 pounds, Moja, Fort Worth Zoo’s lion cub, now at 16 pounds, plays and learns predator-prey behaviors under mom Saba’s watchful care, according to a Chron article. As per the report,


“At four days old, Moja weighed only 2.7 pounds—less than a bag of flour. Today, the adorable baby lion weighs a whopping 16 pounds. For the past few months, Moja has continued to grow and bond with his mother behind the scenes. Zoo officials said the cub is starting to practice some innate behaviors, often playing with Saba’s tail and chewing on her hind quarters to imitate predator-prey behaviors. Saba is exhibiting “ideal maternal demeanors,” including allowing frequent nursing opportunities, bathing, playing, and carrying the cub as she moves about the den.”


Moja, the lion cub, awaits his public debut at Fort Worth Zoo’s new habitat. Keepers prioritize his strength and size for navigating the Predators of Asia and Africa enclosure.