The master-plan of PGA Frisco’s Fields development

The master-plan of PGA Frisco’s Fields development

PGA Frisco is one of the most highly-anticipated projects and its Fields development is just as grand according to a Community Impact article. They say, 


“The Fields development will feature more than 2,500 acres of master-planned development. Frisco City Council approved rezoning of more than 2,100 acres of the Fields land in 2020, while another 400 acres were sold for the PGA headquarters.


More than 230 home lots are planned for the first phase of construction in The Preserve village and each home will be custom-built, Cheney said. A ridge runs through the middle of the neighborhood with sites set about 25 to 35 feet above the homes below. 


The neighborhood will feature a variety of lot sizes with several small pocket parks throughout. Smaller parks are a new standard when designing neighborhoods.”


And of course, Frisco Mayor, Jeff Cheney, was proud to unveil features of the masterplan which will invite and attract a lot of families into the development according to a Frisco Enterprise article which says,


“And if you ask the people at Legacy West kind of if they had one thing to do over again, the thing that they would say — or what they do say — is that ‘we wish we had put open space into Legacy West.’


Cheney said the lifestyle element of the Fields project will be one of the development’s big selling features.


“This is part of why I think Fields will largely be like a case study in development, that a lot of people around the country will try to duplicate, because it’s really challenging to blend dense uses and walkability with a suburban neighborhood,” Cheney told the crowd. “A predominantly suburban neighborhood, you think of, you have to get in your car to go anywhere. And if you want a different lifestyle than that, you have to move into a more urban neighborhood. But you can’t have it both ways. This is going to be one of the few (developments) that’s ever done that you can have it both ways. That you can have the benefits of having a walkable community, that urban feel, be able to go to shopping, restaurants, all those different types of things, walk back home and then have your suburban-feel neighborhood.”


Accordingly, the Fields development will be holding out a very special feature of 25 walking trails which will enable residents to access different villages.