Tim Hortons Brewing Excitement with First DFW Location

Tim Hortons Brewing Excitement with First DFW Location

Tim Hortons, the popular Canadian coffee chain, is making its debut in Dallas-Fort Worth with the first location set to open in Coppell in 2024, as reported by the Dallas Business Journal, according to a Dallas Innovates article which says,


“Tim Hortons, the beloved Canadian coffeehouse and restaurant chain, has attracted loyal fans for decades at over 5,000 locations in 15 countries. But it’s never set its sights on Dallas-Fort Worth—until now.


North Texas’ first Tim Hortons is coming to the Dallas suburb of Coppell in 2024, according to the Dallas Business Journal, which cited a filing with the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration.”


Tim Hortons, a Canadian icon, originated in 1964, co-founded by hockey legend Tim Horton. Known for its Double-Double coffee, it expanded its menu under investor Ron Joyce’s ownership, according to a Dallas Observer article. They say, 


“Tim Hortons is a Canadian treasure like the beavertail, John Candy and The Kids in the Hall. It’s probably best known for the Double-Double coffee, shorthand for two shots of cream and two spoons of sugar in its signature coffee brand. If you’ve never heard of the brand, you’ve at least seen a concept of it if you watched the 1992 Saturday Night Live-inspired movie Wayne’s World. The Stan Mikita Donuts shop that Wayne and Garth frequent was inspired by Tim Hortons.


Tim Hortons’ history goes back to 1964 when hockey legend Tim Horton and his business partner Jim Charade opened the first location in Hamilton, Ontario. Horton died 10 years later in a car crash, leaving control of the company to investor Ron Joyce. Under Joyce’s ownership, the chain expanded its locations and menu to include more than just doughnuts and coffee. The menu expanded to lunch items like soups and chili and introduced Canada to the Timbit (the chain’s name for a doughnut hole), according to CTV News.”


With over 4,000 locations in Canada and 400 in the U.S., including Houston and Katy, Tim Hortons is expanding to Coppell in 2025. Attempts to contact the company were unsuccessful.