Tony Hawk Urges Naming Hometown Skate Park

Tony Hawk Urges Naming Hometown Skate Park

Tony Hawk urges Garland City Council to rename new skate park after hometown skating legend Jon Comer, the godfather of adaptive skateboarding according to a KRLD NewsRadio 1080 article. They say,


“A legendary skater is pushing the Garland City Council to name its skate park after a hometown legend. 


Skateboard legend Tony Hawk made a plea via a YouTube video to the Garland city council to rename is recently opened skate park called the Boneyard to honor Jon Comer, a Garland native who is known as the godfather of adaptive skateboarding.”


Jeff Comer’s skating skills were comparable to pro skateboarders despite having a prosthetic leg. He became an adaptive skateboarding pioneer after losing his foot in a childhood accident according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,


““A lot of skaters seeing his videos and photos in magazines in the ‘90s didn’t even immediately notice the prosthetic leg,” said Daniel Gale, the organizer for adaptive sports at the X Games, in 2019. “The stuff that he was doing on vert ramps on a prosthetic leg when nobody else was, was as good as just about any other pro skateboarder at the time.” 


Comer was the subject of the award-winning 2004 documentary Never Been Done. He was four years old when he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in an alley behind his south Garland home. He underwent numerous surgeries before his foot was amputated three years later by doctors at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.”


Tony Hawk has expressed that he thinks it would be a significant and fitting tribute to Jeff Comer, a pioneer in adaptive skateboarding, to name a skate park after him in his hometown of Garland, Texas. Hawk believes that this gesture would serve to honor Comer’s legacy and ensure that it lives on for future generations.