UnaVida Brings Modern Mexican Cuisine to West Village

UnaVida Brings Modern Mexican Cuisine to West Village

Renowned chef Matt McCallister brings his culinary expertise to UnaVida, a modern Mexican restaurant in Uptown Dallas, replacing Taco Diner in West Village, according to a Dallas Morning News article. They say,


“One of Dallas’ best chefs, Matt McCallister, has quietly been cooking at Uptown Dallas restaurant UnaVida, which opened today, Nov. 27, 2023.


McCallister most recently created Highland Park restaurant Homewood, and before that, contemporary Design District spot FT33. At UnaVida, unlike McCallister’s past restaurants, the menu is modern Mexican.


The restaurant is in West Village, in place of a longtime, now-closed Taco Diner. UnaVida is neighbors with Bar Colette, an impressive new spot for a cocktail.”


UnaVida, born from the success of Mexican Test Kitchen, embodies McCallister’s and Karns’ commitment to creative, fresh, and responsibly sourced Mexican cuisine with diverse dietary options, according to a Texas is Life article. They say, 


“UnaVida is the newest creation after Mexican Test Kitchen, a temporary concept opened in 2023 by McCallister and Local Favorite Restaurants founder Mike Karns.


UnaVida (“one life” in Spanish) celebrates creative yet familiar, fresh flavors and healthy recipes rooted in responsible sourcing and menu items that meet various dietary needs.”


UnaVida’s inclusive menu caters to various dietary preferences. Located in West Village, it opened on Nov. 27, 2023, offering lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.