Uniqlo’s Debut in Texas: Two North Texas Locations

Uniqlo’s Debut in Texas: Two North Texas Locations

Uniqlo is set to open its first Texas stores in Houston and Dallas, part of a larger expansion that includes new locations in California, according to a Fashion Network article. It reports,


“Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo announced on Friday the opening of its first stores in Texas, Houston, and Dallas, along with plans to extend its presence on the West Coast.


Scheduled for Fall/Winter this year, Uniqlo’s strategic expansion will see the unveiling of five new stores across Texas and six in California, including new cities like San Diego and Sacramento.


Among the key locations in Texas are the Memorial City Mall and First Colony Mall in Houston and Sugar Land, respectively. In Dallas, the brand will make its mark at Galleria Dallas, The Parks Mall at Arlington in South Arlington, and Stonebriar Centre in Frisco.”


Yoshihide Shindo, UNIQLO USA CEO, expressed excitement about the brand’s Texas expansion, citing positive customer demand and suitability for diverse lifestyles and climates, according to a WFAA article. In it they say, 


“”We are thrilled to be coming to Texas, a state where we have seen positive customer demand and where UNIQLO LifeWear products can perfectly serve the needs of the various lifestyles and climates throughout Houston and Dallas,” said Yoshihide Shindo, UNIQLO USA CEO, in a press release Friday.


Uniqlo projects were registered in January for The Parks at Arlington mall and in February at the Galleria Dallas mall, according to records from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.”


Uniqlo, originating in Japan, expanded globally with over 2,400 locations, entering the U.S. in 2005. With 50+ U.S. stores, they plan 20+ more in 2024.