Unorthodox bar-restaurant called Wriggly Tin has finally opened

Unorthodox bar-restaurant called Wriggly Tin has finally opened

Dallas Fair Park has a new tenant and they are not just serving beers and cocktails but pizza too according to a Dallas Morning News article which reports, 


“Wriggly Tin, a silly-named bar on the edge of Dallas’ Fair Park, opened Nov. 1, 2023, selling colorful cocktails, house-brewed beer and “neo Neapolitan”-style pizzas.


The bar feels lived-in, and it is. CEO and owner Jacob Boger and co-founder and brewer Aaron Garcia spent about two years rehabbing the late 1940s Quonset hut — a former Cajun fried turkey shop and a mechanic’s garage.


The plan for this “grandma chic” bar and restaurant is to feel like a third place for people to hang out away from work and home. It’s also, quietly, the reincarnation of Small Brewpub, the inventive restaurant and brewery in Oak Cliff that closed in late 2019.”


Aside from its peculiar designs and interesting name, this bar-restaurant get their pizza and beer from amazing partners according to a CultureMap article. They say, 


“At Wriggly Tin, they’ve partnered with chef Desmon “Dez” Coleman, who’s logged praise for his pizza and burger pop-ups throughout DFW via his Hustle Town Pizza concept.


“Before we even tasted his pizza, we wanted to offer him the job on the spot because he is extremely charismatic and kind,” Boger and Garcia say in a statement.


Beer will be from their Small Beer Works brewery, with five beers on draft:

  • Hart: a light German helles lager
  • Black Pepper Pils: a novel twist on the classic pilsner with spices and other aromatics
  • Underdog American IPA: “probably the only IPA we’ll ever make”
  • Ojo Moro: dark lager is an ode to pastries and beers shared by the Mexican, Czech, and Texan cultures, tasting like light coffee and nutty caramel cookies
  • Bijou: tropical spritz blurs the lines between beer and cocktail: “The best cherry limeade you’ve ever had.”


Despite the restaurant being a small metal building with a funny name, the owner and founders are hoping that this place can help people relax and feel at home.