Virtual Learning to be Offered by Frisco ISD in Response to COVID-19 Conditions

Virtual Learning to be Offered by Frisco ISD in Response to COVID-19 Conditions

Frisco ISD announced on Tuesday that it will offer a temporary virtual learning option for students following the abrupt increase of danger brought about by COVID 19 according to a WFFA article from August 3. In it they say:

“Online learning will be an option for grades EC-6 at least through the first nine weeks of school, the district said and will be “reevaluated and extended as necessary” until a vaccine is authorized for children under the age of 12. Once a vaccine becomes widely available for children under 12, the district said online instruction will no longer be offered.

The district said an online option will not be offered to students in grades 7-12, since the COVID-19 vaccine is authorized for those age 12 and older. 

The online option is a reversal from a previous announcement in June when Frisco ISD suspended plans for a virtual learning option but said it was a priority even before the pandemic.”

According to an NBC 5 DFW article from August 3, the online option was already a necessity following the dramatic increase of COVID-19 cases which reached numbers not seen since February. 

In the same article, Frisco ISD Superintendent Mike Waldrip commented on the virtual learning status of Frisco ISD,

“As a group, our virtual learners did better than our in-person learners even when we account for socioeconomic status, they still perform better. 

Their success virtually and the rising COVID-19 numbers in North Texas made it a simple choice. Virtual learning has to happen, even if the district has to pay for it without state help. They’re counting on federal and local dollars, for now, but hoping state lawmakers step up.”

While virtual learning is a viable option for families, the superintendent reminded families that those students who don’t perform well will eventually return to school in person.

Families that are interested in participating in the virtual learning option should enroll no later than August 5. The virtual learning classes for the online students will begin on August 16.