Wearable Tech Helps Construction Company Battle Texas Heat

Wearable Tech Helps Construction Company Battle Texas Heat

Dallas-based Rogers-O’Brien Construction uses NASA-inspired tech to tackle Texas heat, aiming to reduce heat-related risks for workers, according to a Dallas Morning News article. In it they say,  


“Rogers-O’Brien Construction is turning to technology to combat hot temperatures across Texas.


With heat indexes regularly exceeding the triple-digit mark this summer, the Dallas-based contractor is piloting a program to cut down on heat-related injuries and deaths. In the process, it’s tapping into technology that NASA and Boeing plan to use in an upcoming mission to send humans to space.”


Sensors on SMU construction workers monitor vital signs; if alarming readings occur, both the worker and a supervisor are notified via SafeGuard software, according to a Brunswick News article reporting, 


“At a Rogers-O’Brien construction site at Southern Methodist University, workers are wearing sensors on their arms that continuously monitor heart rate, body temperature and other biometric indicators. If the sensor detects an alarming reading over a period of time, it notifies the worker wearing the sensor and a safety supervisor.


The sensors are connected to a software called SafeGuard.”


Advocates urge wider adoption of SafeGuard technology in construction for enhanced safety. Campbell notes its value in early issue detection.