Zara Expands to Frisco, Texas

Zara Expands to Frisco, Texas

Zara plans to open 30 new stores across the US, including one in Frisco, as part of its expansion in the retail market, according to a CW33 article. They say,


“Texas shoppers will soon be able to shop till they drop at more Zara stores!


Óscar García Maceiras, CEO of Zara’s parent company called Inditex, announced 30 more Zara stores will open across the country.


These stores are part of the company’s plan to expand its footprint in the retail market. Looks like Frisco is about to become a lot more stylish! Since one of those stores will be located there.”


Inditex, the parent company of Zara, plans to open 30 new stores across the US, with several in Texas, according to a Local Profile article. They say,


“The company recently announced its intentions to open 30 new Zara stores across the U.S. Several of the new stores are expected to land in Texas, including stores in the Frisco, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas markets. 


Inditex is investing $1.7 billion to open 30 new locations, which are expected to open in 2025. The company also plans to revamp 13 of its existing stores. 


This year’s expansion plans come after the company made several strategic moves in 2022, including closing 10 percent of stores and shrinking its commercial space by six percent, compared to 2021.”


Zara plans to launch new online tools, including a size recommender and real-time personalization. Its spring and summer collections have boosted sales.