Meeting the Increased Demands for Invisalign by both Adults and Kids in Dallas

Meeting the Increased Demands for Invisalign by both Adults and Kids in Dallas

Orthodontist Dr. Joshika Kanabar, a VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider, has completed over 2,500 Invisalign cases in her 15-year practice of Orthodontics. Invisalign has ranked her as “among the most experienced Invisalign providers in all of North America”.

Every new patient gets a complimentary consultation with a 3D smile simulation for a realistic view of the final results. The simulation also allows the ability to further modify outcomes during the consultation with the orthodontist. Dr. Kanabar and Orthodontist Dr. Judy Choi now offer convenient appointment times after school until 6pm and Saturday for the increased demand by adolescents for Invisalign vs braces. With the latest advances in Invisalign, Dr. Kanabar and Dr. Choi invite you to discuss this option.

Benefits of Invisalign Include:

More comfort and ease in putting on and taking off aligners due to advancements in SmartTrack materials.

Convenience—less time missed from school or work with aligners because there are no wires to break, and advancements in the 3D iTero scanner that takes 6,000 images per second, increasing the accuracy and tracking of treatment.

Flexibility with the ability to eat what they want, play any instrument and/or participate in sports by easily removing the aligners.

Correction of complex issues (such as overbites, class II malocclusions, etc) due to advancements in features like “precision wings”

Predict accurate outcomes thanks to data on over 8 million smiles by Invisalign and 3D simulations