Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs Begins Manufacturing Medications

Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs Begins Manufacturing Medications

Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company is starting its own generic medication production, beginning with sterile injectables like epinephrine and norepinephrine, announced CEO Alex Oshmyansky, according to a Fierce Healthcare article. They report,


“Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company will begin manufacturing its own generic medications this week, starting with sterile injectables, founder and CEO Alex Oshmyansky, M.D., Ph.D., said Monday during a White House roundtable on lowering healthcare costs.


The company, which launched just two years ago, will first manufacture commercial batches of epinephrine and norepinephrine for patients in the intensive care unit, Oshmyansky said. ‘And we, shortly after that, will be making pediatric chemotherapy, limited only by our capacity to make these products,’ he said.”


Cost Plus Drugs is utilizing advanced robotic and AI technology in its U.S.-based facility near Dallas to swiftly produce drugs facing shortages, starting with epinephrine, according to a WFAA article. In it they say, 


“‘Cost Plus Drugs is proudly bringing pharmaceutical manufacturing back to the U.S. with advanced robotic and AI computer vision technology. That allows us to pivot from making one drug type to another very rapidly, in principle, within four hours. That way, whatever product is in shortage, we can start making that product,” Oshmyansky said. “Our pilot facility near downtown Dallas just finished construction, qualification and validation, and I’m very proud to announce will start making its first commercial batches of product this week.’


Epinephrine has been in unsteady supply since at least 2012, according to Beckers Hospital Review.”

Cost Plus Drugs aims for direct sales, bypassing middlemen like PBMs, ensuring transparent pricing with disclosed manufacturing costs and a fair markup.