Unoma Okorafor’s Journey with Herbal Goodness

Unoma Okorafor’s Journey with Herbal Goodness

Unoma Okorafor traces her passion for plants to her childhood in Asaba, Nigeria, where her mother tended a vibrant garden, inspiring her belief in plant-based wellness, according to a Your Sun article. As per the report, 


“Unoma Okorafor’s childhood home was known for its flowers. In Asaba, Nigeria, the garden produced bright roses and vegetables, and goats and chickens roamed around. It was tended by her mother’s green, nearly golden, hands.


Okorafor believes the garden is where she inherited her mother’s love of plants and her belief that they can supply people with a healthy life.”


In 2013, before Amazon’s immense growth, Unoma Okorafor started selling her teas and herbs on the platform, a move she credits as pivotal to her brand’s success, according to a Dallas Morning News article. It reports, 


“Okorafor, 49, began selling on Amazon back in 2013, before the online marketplace was the giant it is today. Her brother, who worked in Silicon Valley, nagged her to list her teas and herbs on the platform. As a final form of encouragement, he fronted her the $40 subscription cost.


“That has been one of the big things that we did right,” Okorafor said. “Because as Amazon was growing, we grew with Amazon.””


Recognizing the importance of addressing consumer trends, Unoma Okorafor realized Herbal Goodness needed to highlight the functional benefits of its ingredients.